¿Quién ha retratado mejor el futuro distópico dominado por los simios?
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1970.- David Copperfield (TV)
1969.- The Reckoning (El calculador)
1967.- Africa- Texas Style!
North Sea Strike (Doc.)
1966.- The Great St. Trinian´s Train Robbery
Sky West and Crooked
1965.- The Heroes of Telemark (Los héroes de Telemark)
1964.- Tamahine (La pícara tahitiana)
The Chalk Garden (Mujer sin pasado)
The Thin Red Line (El ataque duró siete días)
1963.- Nine Hours to Rama (Nueve horas de terror)
1962.- Whistle Down the Wind (Cuando el viento silba)
Lisa the Inspector
The Lion (El león)
1961.- Pure Hell of St. Trinians
Operation Snafu
1960.- Suddenly Last Summer (De repente, el último verano) (con Buxton Orr)
The Angry Silence (Amargo silencio)
Tunes of Glory (Whisky y gloria)
No Love for Johnnie
1959.- Boy and the Bridge
Solomon and Sheba (additional music)
1958.- Blue Murder at St. Trinian´s
The Inn of the Sixth Happiness (El albergue de la sexta felicidad)
The Key (La llave)
Roots of Heaven (Las raíces del cielo)
1957.- Value for Money (El valor del dinero)
The Bridge on the River Kwai (El puente sobre el río Kwai)
Island in the Sun (Una isla al sol)
Wicked As They Come (La vividora)
Coupe de Alpes (Doc.)
1956.- Hell in Korea (Infierno en Corea)
Port Afrique (Puerto África)
Trapeze (Trapecio)
Portrait in Smoke
The Rose Tattoo (Doc.)
1955.- The Constant Husband (Siete esposas para un marido)
The Deep, Blue Sea
A Woman for Joe
The Night My Number Came Up
I Am a Camera (Soy un cámara)
1954.- The Beautiful Stranger (La bella desconocida)
You Know what Sailors Are
The Sea Shall not Have Them
The Sleeping Tiger (El tigre dormido)
Hobson´s Choice (El déspota)
A Prize of Gold
The Belles of St. Trinian´s
Royal Tour: The New Zeland (Doc.)
Welcome the Queen (Doc.)
1953.- Four-Sided Triangle
The Captain´s Paradise (El paraíso del capitán)
Albert R.N.
Devil on Horseback
Copenhagen, City of Towers (Doc.)
Man of Africa (Doc.)
Men and Machines (Doc.)
Powered Flight: The Story of the Century (Doc.)
1952.- The Sound Barrier (La barrera del sonido)
Stolen Face
Dead on Course
The Ringer
It Started in Paradise
Curtain Up
The Holly and the Ivy
Murder on Monday
The Island (Doc.)
1951.- Home to Danger
No Highway
Alien Orders (Doc.)
Local Newspaper (Doc.)
Power of All (Doc.)
1950.- Your Witness
This Is Britain (Doc.)
Report on a Steel (Doc.)
The Riddle of Japan (Doc.)
Airways (Doc.)
Where Britain Stands (Doc.)
Eca Productivity Team (Doc.)
Fifty Acres (Doc.)
Let Go For´Ard (Doc.)
Oil Review nº 5 (Doc.)
1949.- Evw´s (Doc.)
The Beautiful County of Ayr (Doc.)
Dollars and Sense (Doc.)
Trieste: Problem City (Doc.)
Drums for a Holiday (Doc.)
Science of the Orchestra (Doc.)
The Farming Bussines (Doc.)
Fight for a Fuller Life (Doc.)
When You Went Away (Doc.)
The Frazers of Cabot Cove (Doc.)
1948.- Badger´s Green
Brittania Mews
Two R.A.F. Flashes (Doc.)
Gates of Power (Doc.)
Hydrography (Doc.)
Women in Our Time (Doc.)
Cotton- Lancashire´s Time for Adventure (Doc.)
Charting the Seas (Doc.)
Metropolitan Water Board (Doc.)
Hawick, Queen of the Border (Doc.)
1947.- Avalanche Patrol (Doc.)
Seven R.A.F. Flashes (Doc.)

Arnold, Sir Malcolm
(Northampton, Inglaterra, 21-10-1921 - Norwich, Inglaterra, 23-09-2006)




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