¿Quién ha retratado mejor el futuro distópico dominado por los simios?
  Hoy es 1 de Abril de 2023.
2007.- Clubland
2003.- Marking Time (TV)
2001.- The Secret Life of Us (TV Series)
The Secret Life of Us (TV)
1999.- Powderburn
1998.- Two Girls and a Baby
1997.- Thank God He Met Lizzie
1996.- Cody: Fall From Grace (TV)
1995.- Cody: The Burnout (TV)
Cody: A Family Affair (TV)
1994.- Cody: Bad Love (TV)
Cody: The Tipoff (TV)
1993.- Seven Deadly Sins (TV)
1992.- The Other Side of Paradise (TV)
1991.- Children of the Dragon (TV Series)
1990.- Police Rescue (TV Series)
Ring of Scorpio (TV)
The Crossing
Come in Spinner (TV)
1989.- Body Surfer (TV)
The Rainbow Warrior Conspiracy (TV)
1988.- Stringer (TV Series)
Young Einstein (El jovencito Einstein) (co-composer)
The Fremantle Conspiracy (TV)
The Last Resort (TV Series)
Cane Toads
1987.- Perhaps Love (TV)
Relative Merits (TV Series)
1986.- The Challenge (TV)
I Own the Racecourse (TV)
Two Friends (TV)
Cyclone Tracy (TV)
Dancing Daze (TV Series)
1985.- The Empty Beach
Displaced Persons (TV)
1984.- Sweet and Sour (TV Series)
1976.- Pure S

Armiger, Martin



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