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1999.- My Favorite Broadway: The Leading Ladies (TV) (song)
1998.- Monday After the Miracle (TV)
1997.- Convictions (TV)
1996.- Christmas Every Day (TV)
No Greater Love (TV)
A Burning Passion: The Margaret Mitchell Story (Una ardiente pasión) (TV)
1993.- Message from Nam (TV)
Silent Cries (Huéspedes del emperador)
1992.- Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady (TV) (additional music)
Miss Rose White (TV)
What She Doesn´t Know (TV)
Miles from Nowhere (TV)
1991.- One Special Victory (TV)
Chernobyl: The Final Warning (TV)
Perfect Harmony (TV)
Line of Fire: The Morris Dees Story (TV)
1990.- Lucky/Chances (TV)
People Like Us (TV)
1989.- Around the World in 80 Days (TV)
1988.- Onassis: The Richest Man in the World (Onassis: el hombre más rico del mundo) (TV)
Little Girl Lost (1988) (TV)
18 Again! (Plantón al cielo)
1987.- Nutcracker: Money, Madness & Murder (TV)
Poker Alice (TV)
Murder by the Book (TV)
1986.-Johnnie Mae Gibson: FBI (TV)
Rage of Angels: The Story Continues (TV)
There Must Be a Pony (Mrcada por el amor) (TV)
Dress Gray (TV)
The Right of the People (TV)
1985.- Guilty Conscience (TV)
Love on the Run (TV)
Love Is Never Silent (TV)
Kane & Abel (TV)
Out of the Darkness (TV)
Amazing Stories (Cuentos asombrosos) (episode "The Amazing Falsworth") (episode "Secret Cinema") (episode "and "What If...?")
Obsessed with a Married Woman (TV)
The Atlanta Child Murders (Los niños de Atlanta) (TV)
1984.- The Sun Also Rises (TV)
For Love or Money (TV)
His Mistress (TV)
Scorned and Swindled (TV)
Why Me? (TV)
1983.- Dempsey (TV)
Reuben, Reuben
Prototype (TV)
Memorial Day (TV)
Happy (TV)
Intimate Agony (TV)
Will There Really Be a Morning? (TV)
Rage of Angels (TV)
Confessions of a Married Man (TV)
Another Woman´s Child (TV)
1982.- Country Gold (TV) (songs)
Bare Essence (TV)
Massarati and the Brain (TV)
Rehearsal for Murder (TV)
The Gift of Life (TV)
Marian Rose White (TV)
Washington Mistress (TV)
1981.- The Awakening of Candra (TV)
The Ordeal of Bill Carney (TV)
Love, Sidney (TV Series)
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy (TV)
Callie & Son (TV)
Sidney Shorr: A Girl´s Best Friend (TV)
The Best Little Girl in the World (TV)
Dial M for Murder (TV)
The Gangster Chronicles (TV)
This House Possessed (TV)
Crisis at Central High ((TV)
1980.- The Diary of Anne Frank (TV)
Father Figure (TV)
A Perfect Match (TV)
Act of Love (TV)
The Women´s Room (TV)
Haywire (TV)
The Love Tapes (TV)
All God´s Children (TV)
Skag (TV)
1979.- Scavenger Hunt (Tonto el último)
The Family Man (TV)
Flesh & Blood (TV)
The Miracle Worker (TV)
Dorothy (TV Series)
The Cracker Factory (TV)
1978.- A Question of Love (TV)
Actor (TV)
King (TV Series)
1977.- Mary Jane Harper Cried Last Night (TV)
The Love Boat (Vacaciones en el mar) (TV Series)
The Domino Principle (De presidio a primera página)
An Evening with Diana Ross (TV)
1976.- Executive Suite (TV Series)
Delvecchio (TV Series)
High Risk (TV)
Return to Earth (TV)
Gemini Man (TV)
Future Cop (TV)
Helter Skelter (Manson, retrato de un asesino) (TV)
One of My Wives Is Missing (TV)
The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case (TV)
James Dean (TV)
Dark Victory (TV)
The Dumplings (TV Series)
Widow (TV)
1975.- The Incredible Machine
The UFO Incident (TV)
Search for the Gods (TV)
Queen of the Stardust Ballroom (TV)
The Legend of Lizzie Borden (TV)
1974.- Reflections of Murder (TV)
Harry O (TV Series)
Rhoda (TV Series)
Columbo: A Friend in Deed (TV)
Thursday´s Game (TV)
Dr. Max (TV)
Busting (Manos sucias sobre la ciudad)
I Love You, Goodbye (TV)
The Migrants (TV)
Smile, Jenny, You´re Dead (TV)
Columbo: Publish or Perish (TV)
Firehouse (TV Series)
1973.- Kojak (TV Series)
Double Indemnity (TV)
Don´t Be Afraid of the Dark (TV)
Terror on the Beach (TV)
The Last of Sheila (El fin de Sheila)
Harry O: Such Dust As Dreams Are Made On
The Marcus-Nelson Murders (TV)
A Brand New Life (TV)
Columbo: A Stitch in Crime (TV)
Carola (TV)
1972.- Up the Sandbox
All My Darling Daughters (TV)
The Crooked Hearts (TV)
Cool Million (TV Series)
Ghost Story (TV Series)
Banacek (TV Series)
Play It Again, Sam (Sueños de seductor)
Banacek (TV)
The Glass House (La casa de cristal) (TV)
The Sixth Sense (TV Series)
1971.- Columbo (TV Series)
The Harness (1971) (TV)
Duel (El diablo sobre ruedas) (TV)
Suddenly Single (TV)
Longstreet (TV Series)
The City TV)
Red Sky at Morning
The Neon Ceiling (TV)
Alias Smith and Jones (Los dos mosqueteros) (TV Series)
Alias Smith and Jones (TV)
1970.- McCloud (TV Series)
The Grasshopper (Saltarina)
A Clear and Present Danger (TV)
Ritual of Evil (TV)
1969.- Silent Night, Lonely Night (TV)
Change of Habit
Night Gallery (TV Series)
Fear No Evil (TV)
1968.- The Name of the Game (TV Series)
It Takes a Thief (TV Series)
1964.- National Geographic Specials (Doc.)

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