¿Quién ha retratado mejor el futuro distópico dominado por los simios?
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1988.- The Taming of the Shrew (TV)
1986.- Karsh: The Searching Eye
1979.- Arthur Miller on Home Ground TV)
1977.- Homage to Chagall: The Colours of Love
1972.- The Discoverers
1966.- The Forest
Paddle to the Sea
1961.- The Mask (1961)
1959.- Wheat Country
1958.- Wheat Rust (1958)
1957.- Canadian Profile (1957)
1955.- The Jolifou Inn
Man Against a Fungus
1954.- Riches of the Earth
A Thousand Million Years
1953.- All My Babies
Highlights from Royal Journey
1952.- Opera School
Walk East on Beacon! (Cita a las Once)
Operation A-Bomb
1951.- Around Is Around (1951)
Pen Point Percussion
Royal Journey
The Whistle at Eaton Falls
1950.- A Friend at the Door
1949.- Ballet Festival
Lost Boundaries (1949)
1947.- The Boy Who Stopped Niagara
Dreams That Money Can Buy
A Little Phantasy on a 19th-century 1946.- Painting
New Faces Come Back
1945.- Guests of Honour
Ordeal by Ice
Story of G.I. Joe (También somos seres humanos)
1944.- Grim Pastures
The Plots Thicken
Target: Berlin
Tomorrow, the World!
1943.- Dollar Dance
Terre de nos aïeux
1941.- Call for Volunteers

Applebaum, Louis
(Toronto (Canada), 03-04-1918 / Toronto (Canada), 20-04-2000)


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