¿Quién ha retratado mejor el futuro distópico dominado por los simios?
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1963.- The Running Man (El precio de la muerte)
1962.- Night of the Eagle
In Search of the Castaways (Los hijos del capitán Grant)
Life for Ruth (Vida para Ruth)
Fever Pitch (Doc.)
1961.- The Naked Edge (Sombras de sospecha)
1960.- Swiss Family Robinson (Los Robinsones de los mares del Sur)
The Professionals
1959.- Shake Hands with the Devil (Luces de rebeldía)
The Killers Of Kilimanjaro (Los asesinos del Kilimanjaro)
Third Man on the Mountain
Devil´s Bait
1958.- Carve Her Name with Pride
I Accuse!
Fortune Is A Woman / She Played with Fire
A Night to Remember (La última noche del Titanic)
The Silent Enemy
1957.- Sea Wife
The Smallest Show on Earth
1956.- Safari (Safari)
Zarak (Zarak)
The Black Tent
1955.- Bedevilled
The Ship That Died Of Shame
Land of Fury
Svengali (Svengali)
P.T. Raiders
1954.- The Million Pound Note (El millonario)
A Personal Affair
The Seekers
The Rainbow Jacket
The Constant Husband (Siete esposas para un marido)
Abominable Snowman (Doc.)
At Night All Cats Are Grey (Doc.)
The Case of the Lively Ghost (Doc.)
The Case of the Misguided Missile (Doc.)
Death and the Other Monkey (Doc.)
Death In Inner Space (Doc.)
The Devil Sells His Soul (Doc.)
Error At Daybreak (Doc.)
The Headless Hat (Doc.)
The Invisible Knife (Doc.)
1953.- The Master of Ballantrae (El señor de Ballantrae)
The Malta Story
1952.- The Crimson Pirate (El temible burlón)
No Resting Place
The Card
The Long Memory
Saturday Island
Mandy (Mandy)
Alliance for Peace (Doc.)
1951.- The House in the Square
The Magnet
Lady Godiva Rides Again
Night Without Stars
The Magic Box
Distant River (Doc.)
Festival in London (Doc.)
Henry Moore (Doc.)
1950.- Morning Departure (Salida al amanecer)
The Rocking Horse Winner
The Mudlark
State Secret
1949.- The History of Mr Polly
The Golden Salamander (La salamandra de oro)
The Cure For Love
1948.- The Fallen Idol (El ídolo caído)
So Evil My Love (con Victor Young)
Daybreak in Udi (Doc.)
1947.- Odd Man Out (Larga es la noche)
Captain Boycott
The Winslow Boy
The October Man
Take My Life
Approach to Science (Doc.)
A City Speaks (Doc.)
1946.- Green for Danger (Verde es el peligro)
I See A Dark Stranger
Each for All (Doc.)
Home and School (Doc.)
1945.- The Rake´s Progress
Great Day
Country Town (Doc.)
Employment Exchange (Doc.)
1944.- The Inmortal Battalion
Medal For The General
Accident Service (Doc.)
Atlantic Trawler (Doc.)
Land Of Promise (Doc.)
French Town, September 1944 (Doc.)
The Grassy Shires (Doc.)
1943.- Desert Victory
Escape to Danger
On Approval
ABCA Magazine (Doc.)
Fires Were Started (Doc.)
Child Welfare (Doc.)
Citizens of Tomorrow (Doc.)
Desert Victory (Doc.)
Letter From Ulster (Doc.)
1942.- The Young Mr. Pitt (El vencedor de Napoleón)
Squadron Leader X
The Battle for Freedom (Doc.)
British News (Doc.)
Countrywomen (Doc.)
Crown Of The Year (Doc.)
Life Begins Again (Doc.)
1941.- Kipps
Penn Of Pennsylvania
They Flew Alone (La mujer y las alas)
Africans In England (Doc.)
Architecture Of Britain (Doc.)
Border Weave (Doc.)
English Inn (Doc.)
Evacuation (Doc.)
Farmworker (Doc.)
Green Girdle (Doc.)
1940.- Birth Of The Year (Doc.)
Big City (Doc.)
It Comes From Coal (Doc.)
1938.- Behind The Scenes (Doc.)
Free To Roam (Doc.)
Fingers And Thumbs (Doc.)
1937.- Animals Looking At You (Doc.)
Bath (Doc.)
Conquest of the Air (Doc.)
1936.- Air Outpost (Doc.)
The Future´s In The Air (Doc.)

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